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And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.
Mark 16:15

We are honored to present “The Nazarene – The Way, The Truth, and The Life” which uses the latest technology to tell the story about the life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we are convinced that it is fundamental for people to learn, believe and understand that the Lord Jesus always wants to be with us.

Because times change, the approach to delivering the message needs to change as well. In every time or epoch, the eternal truths of Christianity must be expressed in the particular language of that time. The New Testament, for example, was written in the colloquial dialect “Koine”, which was used by the people in their daily life, rather than the classic Greek language of Homer. As a result, the Apostles and Evangelists were able to deliver God’s Word to the people in their language.

Today, the world is focused on high technology and visual perception, making it the language that shapes our time. “The Nazarene” team uses the latest modern multimedia technology to speak to people in this language, so that we will be heard and our faith in Jesus Christ, who was Crucified and Risen, will change people’s lives and touch their hearts.

We thank God

for the opportunity to preach the ancient and unchangeable Gospel in the language of modern man and humbly take on the responsibility of fulfilling the great mission of Jesus Christ.

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